Suicidal Thoughts and Craziness


If you have suicidal thoughts, I have to show you how your psychic sphere works, so you may understand that you are being a victim of the "wild side" of your psyche (anti-conscience), which is very violent and tries to invade your conscience all the time by suggesting desires and intentions to your Ego.

First of all, you have to bear in mind that suicide is a crime against society. You have no right to kill yourself, just as you have no right to kill somebody else. This is the same as murder, especially because if you take your own life and abandon everyone, you are not only killing yourself but also those who love you. This will be harder for them to bear than if you would die naturally, without causing your death yourself.
It is important to understand how appalling the suicidal intention is instead of sympathising with it because if you entertain suicidal thoughts that pass through your mind, you will simply fall prey to your "wild side." A suicide is not your answer to all those who never tried to understand you, but a very violent reaction that only provokes destruction.

The invasion of the wild side in the human conscience begins with strange feelings and somewhat crazy ideas that initially do not appear dangerous. However, this wild side is always intentionally seeking out problems. It wants to destroy the human conscience and take its place; this is why it uses your Ego in order to push you into making several serious mistakes that will have very dire consequences for you.

In this way, you will lose control, become nervous, and in a while, desperate. At this point, the wild anti-conscience will introduce suicidal thoughts in your mind. These thoughts are brought to your mind after the failures and deceptions you have faced because of falling in the trap of the wild side, which has cornered you into an unbearable situation.

You can avoid falling prey to these kinds of misleading thoughts if you are loyal and true to your moral principles. Even if only for a moment you give in to immorality or simply not be loyal to your beliefs, you will have opened the doors for the monster.
Carl Jung noticed that craziness already exists inside the patient's mind. When a patient becomes crazy, he/she starts talking about a reality he/she has never actually lived, and the symbolic meaning of their words clearly reveals that this content belongs to the collective unconscious, according to Jung's conception of the psychic sphere. I could see, however, that we must separate the unconscious from the "wild side" of our conscience, which is responsible for making us crazy. With this distinction clear in mind, I could discover the partial psychotherapy required to treat schizophrenia and psychosis.

I observed that it is important to separate the thoughts that provoke craziness from the wise thoughts we find in the unconscious that produce our dreams and is also responsible for our artistic, philosophical and religious manifestations, since wisdom cannot come from ignorance. The absurd and irrational thoughts belong to the wild side of our human conscience that is yet unknown. This is the primitive conscience, which still exists in the same form as it was in the beginning of its creation, since it has not been transformed through consciousness.
Hence, this wild content is completely negative and violent. It only wants to ruin the human conscience that impedes it to kill and destroy and this is why it provokes craziness.
The solution is to transform this wild content into conscious content through religiosity (which works like psychotherapy) or dream interpretation. All religions help us fight against our selfishness, and dream interpretation helps us to develop our psychic sphere by transforming our wild side into a wise and human side that possesses sensitivity, which forms the base of psychic health.

This psychotherapy is very safe and is based on goodness that will teach you how to live peacefully after achieving the maximum development of your psychic sphere. It will also teach you how to help your community with your positive work. This depends on your efforts because you will realize that it is not easy to be good and it is not easy to stick to your moral principles and especially, it is not easy to accept suffering in order to help others.
However, you can guarantee your health by helping others, since your health depends intrinsically on your attitude; this is not only observed through dream interpretation and the cure contained within the message of a dream but also in psychosomatic medicine [Psychosomatic is a Greek word (ψυχοσωματική), which means the combination of the psyche and body. This type of medicine studies the relation existing between psychological and physical problems]. This affirms that there indeed is a relation between our moral attitude and the appearance of diseases in our body, and this has already been proven in practice.

Our psychic and physical health depend on our behaviour with other people.
Even if you do not try to decipher your dreams, never accept any suicidal thoughts because these thoughts do not arise from your human conscience, but from the archaic side of your conscience which is completely violent and can only make you and the people close to you suffer. It only pretends to offer you the solution for your problems by creating suicidal thoughts. Never accept to abandon life and those that depend on you because this is cruelty.

After more than 20 years of research, studies, and several experiences in curing many people through dream decoding, I can assure you that you can keep your psychic health and live far from the threats of insanity, despair and depression only if you follow the moral principles of goodness, respect and forgiveness towards everyone.