From Suicidal To Anti Suicidal

In life everyone comes at a stage where one thinks that life has no meaning and they can't go on with it any more. This is the darkest hour of one's life and at that point of time there seems no hope coming out of it. It's the very point when the thought of ending your life, committing suicide comes to your mind. And those who take just a little time to think over it survive. And those who fail to do so lose the most crucial gift of all, which is life. In the lines under I shall tell you, how to come over suicidal thought and what is the reality of suicide; with a touch of my personal experience.

At the age of 25 my life seemed to be going nowhere. And adding insult to injury was pneumonia. I was severely struck by it, which increased my suicidal tendency. So I was watching a program on TV about suicide, and thought in my heart that "this is it, this is the last night". Suddenly the host suggested that, before committing this act you should give a last call to someone. I finally decided to give my mother a call. And that is where it all changed.
Usually my mother is very supportive of me and always points out my positives. So my perception was that my mother will not understand my situation, that she will not be able to comprehend how disappointed I was and what I was going through. But on the contrary my mother listened to me throughout the whole conversation and did not interrupt my flow of emotions. After pouring my heart out to her I felt light as feather. And then I realized how silly It was of me to think about suicide when I had all in me to live and achieve.

Suicide is a permanent irreversible solution to a temporary problem. It's just a moment, which will surely pass by if you just pause and think for a moment. And if you have someone in your life you can share with, then the thought of suicide would be an ideal time to get in contact with that person. You should think about your positives, your inner strengths, how you have come so far in life.You should participate in seminars that help build self-confidence, read helpful books. All of this will help you IN-POWER (a fact which I strongly emphasis on) yourself. It will make you a better judge of your actions, make you choose better friends.

And another thing that can help you become an anti suicide like me is dream bigger and keep on dreaming. Never let anyone tell you how to live life, never let someone make you stop dreaming. Learn from your experiences, think of life as a motorcycle race and adjust yourself on the bike.So no matter how sharp the turn is on the track of life, you are in control of your bike and continue to the finish line.